Design Considerations for Pest Control

Whenever doing a home remodeling project, it can be helpful to plan ahead to minimize the impact of pests on your residence. Natural pest control consists of removing entry points, and eliminating food sources and spaces that promote infestations.

Here are some examples of things that can be taken into consideration to make your next home remodel as unfriendly to pests as possible.

Baseboard: In the design process, use straight baseboard rather than cove baseboard materials. Cove is characterized by a outward flare at the bottom of the board near the floor. The problem with cove is the outward flare provides a space for pests to live. Also, the adhesives used to install cove base may provide nourishment for cockroaches. Use baseboard that does not have gaps and install them using nails or screws.

Carpet: Wet, damp, or moist carpet can provide a happy home to a variaty of pests, including cockroaches and fleas. The mold that commonly grows on wet carpet is a food source for these pests. Thus, avoid installing carpet in damp basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways.

Doors: Human entraces to our homes are also one of the preferred entrances for pests. Here are some tips for doors and doorways for natural pest control. First use solid core doors if possible as they do not have hollow areas inside where pests could live. Also, make sure all doors close and seal properly. When possible, use automatic door sweeps, which automatically seal against the floor. If automatic door sweeps are not practical for the situation, bristle sweeps are better than rubber or plastic. And remember, all exterior doors should have self-closing mechanisms to ensure they close and close tightly. Additionally, weather stripping exterior doors can add yet another layer of protection to your home.

Built-In Furniture: Many houses have a variety of permanently built-in furniture, like desks, entertainment centers, book cases, cabinets, seating, and even bed frames. All of these can provide homes for bedbugs, and it’s often difficult or impossible to inspect them. If at all possible, from a pest control perspective, avoid all built-in furniture in your design. Or at the very least, provide access so they can be properly inspected.

Countertops: Bathroom and kitchen countertops are a common hiding place for many pests. The best option is to have a one-piece countertop with an attached backsplash. In all cases, countertops should be sealed along their edges with an elastomeric sealant.

Tub and Shower Enclosures: Bathroom moisture can cause many pest problems, and bathrooms with multiple piece tub and shower enclosures are prone to more problems. Moisture can seep between the various panels. It is highly preferrable to use one-piece tub and show enclosures when possible. All bathrooms should have a fan, and ideally, the fan should automatically turn on if moisture reaches certain levels.

Building Materials: The building materials you choose for your home remodeling project can go a long way toward providing natural pest control. For example, brick, concrete, stone, metal and hard plastic are all termite-resistant. Similarly, brick, stone, and metal can be resistant to rodents, depending on the thickness of the materials used.

Ease of Inspection: The simple fact is, pests will find a way to enter your home and cause problems. Creating a design that makes inspection easier is therefore a critical design consideration. Avoid creating spaces that are inaccessible for an inspector. This can be accomplished by making sure false ceilings and crawl spaces are large enough for a human to enter. When it is impossible to provide such space, still create access points that allow remote inspection.

If you take these factors into consideration during you design process, you dramatically enhance your home from a pest control perspective. Take the time up front to avoid problems later.

This is a guest article from Crazylegs Pest Control, a San Francisco-based exterminator that has a nation-wide presence. Check out their website here http://crazylegspestcontrol.com and see if they have a branch office near you (Crazylegs Pest Control Services by State).

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?

It doesn’t matter if you are redecorating your kitchen or you are building something, it is always necessary to hire a professional interior designer. It is vital for your home improvements such as expanding and rearranging your living space. There are a lot of questions that we need to ask so always ask everything that you want to know. Your designer will answer everything that you ask. The best advice is to call the professionals, and they will tell you how to arrange your space, which color to choose, which furniture, etc. You will need a designer if you want to be on schedule and the right budget. These experts cost, but they will save money for other areas where you might spend more than needed. Interior designers are more expensive, but they have more skills than interior decorators. It is very important for your budget.

First, we need to know the cost structure.

There are various types of costs and always be careful. If it’s too good to be true then always check again. You might discover that some hidden costs are waiting for you. They all charge with different rates so always make sure to check for other expenses.

Cost plus method

interior designer 1It is the type of cost where designers purchase the necessary things and products and then will give you the complete bill in total. It also includes the markup. Markups are around 20%, and this is for designer’s services.

Flat rate method

This rate is the price that covers all the materials, work and all other expenses. This type is better for bigger or larger jobs because you will know what the total amount you need to pay.

Rate by hour or hourly rate

Some of the interior designers will have a rate by the hour. They are ranging from 40$ to $300. The total fee depends on the project and how big it is or how complicated it is, and this method is always reserved for smaller projects because there aren’t any bigger risks of changes in expenses and cost.

Rate by square foot

Most of the commercial designers will charge by the square foot. It is usually the best method for you and him/her. Practically this is a flat rate which is connected with your size of the property. Some of the designers have a minimum fee so he/she can cover the amount of work that involves, for example, a smaller room, so your costs are minimum. Of course, you could always base the fee on the actual size of the room.

What is the cost to hire a professional?

It is the most asked question. Unfortunately, there isn’t any standard for this. It could be anything from 1000$ to 9000$. It includes labor and materials. The Smaller project usually cost somewhere around 500$. The bigger ones, however, could cost up to 18000$. The cost will vary because it is based on the skill and experience of the designer. It will also be important to determine the geographical location of the project which can also increase the cost.

Interior design matters and here is why.

We are all different, and we all lead a different life, but we will all agree that we all have the same basic things and share them. That thing is home design, and that is a must. Of course, we all have a different level of interest and sophistication, and that varies from individual to individual. You will often hear people asking “Why is home design such an important thing?”. Well, it is very important since you will live in that apartment or house and it needs to be comfortable. No one likes to live in a mess.

The design is a comfort for your home, so design makes your home comfortable.

It is probably the basic of all things. Everything needs to be in order in your home because it makes your life easier. Make an experiment. Let your kids run your house, and you will see what will happen. You won’t be able to recognize your home. We all spend much of the time in our home, and that is why the interior design is so important. It gives you a more harmonic and peaceful home.

Colors regulate your mood so use the colors you like

Interior designColors give all types of emotional sensations, and that is why we use colors that we like. Bright colors will give you a brighter mood so it is a good thing to redecorate your apartment or home and you will see the difference.

The colors in your home give the impression of who you are and what you are.

People will come to your home, and if you are a social person, you will have visits all the time. The most important thing is to have a nice decorated home so that your friends will feel happy and joyful. The beautiful home will tell everyone that you are a happy, beautiful, and joyful person and that is the kind of energy you want around you, so people that are negative are not welcome or they have to change their dark emotions to be in your home. So indirectly you are changing them to be better people. And what about your love life? Imagine that your potential partner runs away when he sees the mess you are living it or the colors that are dark or cloudy for example. If you have a nice organized apartment with bright and happy colors, well, your partner or potential partner will feel much better in your home and your presence.


Easy movement is much better in an organized home.

If your home is well organized, it will be more energy-efficient and easy for movement. You won’t waste energy, and you will be much more productive.

You need to design your home for your specific needs.

If your home is designed for your needs, then you will have a complete harmony. If you are a romantic couple or a single independent man or woman, you will know exactly what you want how to make your apartment more friendly for you and to be energy efficient.

Tips for budget – friendly bathroom remodeling

Renovation or remodeling of your bathroom is something you’ll have to do every once in a while, and the unfortunate fact is that it usually means quite of an impact to your budget. Essential items in the bathroom are expensive and the mere process of remodeling difficult, challenging and time-consuming. To save some money, to conduct the process in the most practical manner, but to still face quality results at the end of the journey, study some of these advice and tips for budget-friendly bathroom remodeling.

Make thoroughly worked out plan

The best way to avoid unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises is to go through the details of the well-planned process. Bathroom remodeling will bring on many aspects that haven’t crossed your mind at first, so you should probably construct this plan with an expert. However, hiring interior designer sounds costly, it will pay off in the long run and prevent you from making serious financial omissions.

Avoid massive relocations

bathroomYou cannot think about remodeling or re-designing your bathroom without having installations on your mind all the time. Consider the fact that plumbing and piping influence the mere design and schedule of the items a big time, plus relocation of essential installations will skyrocket the total price of renovation. If you’re not facing any dramatic plumbing issues, you’d better leave the plumbing as it is.

Upgrade toilet, don’t replace it

Another quite expensive task is to replace the whole toilet unit completely. If you can afford it, go for it. But if you’re trying to save some money, think of simple upgrading. Replace lid or seat and repaint it, it will cost a lot less but still look like new one.

Think of alternatives to common design features

There are some aspects of bathroom design people see as a “must have” in the bathroom, though there are alternative approaches. Your bathroom doesn’t have to have tiles all over the walls. Opt for less expensive linings, such as wood panels or bead board. Also, you can skip more expensive massive pieces of furniture by opting for floor-to-ceiling open shelves. It will provide you with enough storage room, but free some space and hit less heavy to your budget.

Replace details, instead of the whole units

If you’re only looking for a brand-new outfit of your bathroom, don’t make fundamental changes. Replace faucets, lighting, curtains, sinks and other smaller features. It has the potential to give a whole new look and style to your bathroom, but you won’t risk bankruptcy due to fundamental renovation changes. Also, wander a bit through the market offers and search for second-hand features. Test them, make sure they are functional and feel free to purchase items this way instead of going for the brand-new ones.

Decorative details

Adding decorative details, such as additional mirrors, creative light bulbs, curtains, carpets and similar will refresh your bathroom essentially, and these items can truly be purchased for small amounts of money. The big change with small investing is exactly what you should look for.

Designing child’s room that will last in a long run

Although most parents enjoy a big time and invest all their creativity and dedication into designing baby’s room, the truth is that this design will last only a few months. As a baby grows into a toddler, the design and functionality of the room will impose essential changes. Furthermore, the pre-school years and especially teenage period will face you with new challenges and adaptations you’ll have to conducts. These life phases take a turn within a decade, and you probably don’t want to or can’t afford to renovate kid’s room few times during this period completely. Here are some useful advice on how to make a flexible design that will work along with your child growing and provide functionality and design adequate for each life phase.

Think few years ahead when designing basics

Bed and closet are probably two most important items in the kid’s room until the desk joins the club. Think clever, creative and few years ahead when choosing the bed model. Keep in mind that your child will grow quickly during next few years and the optimal style of the bed will change. Always purchase the bed at least 15-20 cm longer that the current height of your kid and try to pick the model that is adaptable to different design styles. Similar goes for the closet that should provide enough room for more and more stuff. There are many multifunctional and flexible furniture models at the market nowadays, including flexible bed designed to switch from traditional model to a single king model, even to the bed with the extra space for sleep-overs. Expandable closets designed in such manner that you can add additional storage space later are the best choice.

Careful with colors and “theme” design

One of the most frequent mistakes parents with a small kid make is centering room design and decoration around the current interest of their child. Your toddler might be obsessed with a certain story or cartoon or any other theme, and he may even insist on transforming half the room according to this theme. However, keep in mind that the passion will fade out in few months and the new obsession will pop up. Thus, when choosing decoration elements for kid’s room, always use neutral foundation and leave enough space for experiments in various life phases. It’s far more functional and practical to paint the room with joyful colors and match them with furniture but to leave them one wall or panels to express their current interest over there.

Pre-plan storage places

One thing you’re always going to lack is the storage room. First, it’s going to be tons of toys; then the books kick in, piles of clothes they slowly avoid to wear and the teen period brings in the whole new collection of assets and new items in the room. You’ll be able to throw away some of these things, but mostly stuff will just pile up. Thus, when designing your child’s room, always pre-plan a lot of storage room, even the places where you can add additional storage space over the years.

Clever interior design ideas for small spaces

When given enough money and space to experiment, all of us could come up with amazing and functional design ideas for the interior of our home. But when faced with quite limited space, designing your premises is an exquisite challenge. These design ideas have to provide a high level of functionality, clever utilization of a given room and to keep the attractive style that fits into the general style of your home. Here are some rather useful advice and ideas you may try to apply for your residence and get the most you can out of your limited living space.

Bigger kitchen in few simple steps

The kitchen is one of the central places in the house, and it requires plenty of storage room. However, most small apartments have kitchen directly connected with a place for eating which makes this space quite crowded. Common clever designer’s solution suggests that you replace cupboards with wide floor – to – ceiling shelves. This should provide you with enough space for storing stuff, but still give the kitchen space to “breathe” and to look more open. If you install small wall divider, you’ll keep the connection, but still get kitchen separated from the actual place for dining.

Bigger bathroom in few simple steps

Another place in your home that could always use additional storage space, especially if the bathroom is small. Use similar trick with narrow floor-to-ceiling stylish shelves, but you can also use the space beneath vanity for various forms of canisters or wicker baskets. Experiment with flat lights and mirrors to add actual space and the impression of the bathroom being more spacious and airy.

Need another room in your home?

There is rather simple method to add separated space in your home without actually re-building walls. Purchase some elegant curtain and install it as a divider in the middle of one bigger room. If you purchase modern models of massive curtains, they can easily be moved to another place in the house. You can move your “additional room” from time to time according to the current needs and wishes.

Think of all unusual spaces

With just a little creative thinking and mental unleashing, you’ll figure out that your house, however small it is, hides dozens of corners that could be used in a functional and attractive manner. One of the commonly utilized spaces is the space beneath the stairs. You can add stylish shelves that will follow the line of the stairs, of build the drawers into the backside of the stairs or add lightbulbs on the same side and get a visual effect of the more spacious room.

Experiment with multipurpose furniture pieces

There is a wide range of modern and attractively designed pieces of multifunctional furniture at the market nowadays. Most people are not comfortable with these unconventional household items, but once you try it and see for yourself that these design solutions truly serve a purpose, you’ll allow yourself to experiment even more. A bed is functioning as an office desk during a day or a table transforming into a closet if needed. These things add magical possibilities into your home.

Tips for designing attractive and functional home office

If you work from home or need a true functional office to take some share of work home or you simply want to have an inspiring separated place in your residency where you can focus on business, but keep the conformity of your private home, you’ll have to design a home office that will meet these standards. Since that room will sit in the middle of your pleasant private atmosphere, it has to have the power to motivate you to work and stay disciplined, but also to provide you cozy feeling and conformity. Here are some useful tips on how to design it and mix attractive style, commodity, and functionality.

Choose clever location

First, consider the traffic in your home and the available space. You’ll need a place where you will have enough room to feel comfortable working for hours, but also a place slightly isolated from the noise of common everyday life to keep you away from distractions. The optimal place for your home office should be considered carefully especially if you’ll be seeing business partners and clients here.

Adjust office design according to the home design

home designBefore you go purchasing office furniture, consider two aspects. First, analyze thoroughly your workflow and the necessities around you. Think of desks, shelves, drawers, cabinets you are going to need and make a list of required items. Keep functionality as a priority. Further, consider the overall style of interior design in your home. You should purchase functional and attractive furniture pieces that certainly will serve its purpose and facilitate your working methods, but will also fit into the style of all other premises in the house. Don’t bring a sterile, just – business style in the middle of warm, friendly family interior.

Essential elements of cozy office

Chair, light, and accessories. It is what makes all the difference, and these aspects truly demand dedication and quality solutions. Having comfortable and spacious chair is something worth investing money into. You’ll spend hours working here, don’t force your body to suffer. Also, provide your office with enough natural light. It will keep you relaxed, fresh and won’t exhaust your sight. However, if you prefer working late, scatter sufficient light around the office using various intensity, from dim lamps for pauses to clear, intensive, bright lightbulbs. Equip your office with all the accessories you need to work smoothly. This aspect gives you plenty room to experiment with attractive design. Pick the interior style you prefer and purchase pencil holders, bulletin boards, waste baskets and other items that will make a true design statement reflecting your style and business approach.

home design office

Stay serious when painting your office

The home office is going to be your half-private, half-official place, but don’t push too far with extravagancy when painting walls and setting basic office style. This should still be a working place that motivates you to mature, responsible and disciplined approach. Make it comfortable, but avoid the impression of relaxing room or room for having fun. It will have the wrong effect to your motivation and leave the wrong impression to your visiting clients.

Can you be profitable in interior design business?

The question all future designers ask themselves. Yes, of course, you can make a great profit as long as you know what to do. There is a few tips and trick on how to have a good business in interior design. It is not easy because you need to have clients that have money and you will need time for all that. A lot of time.

Always be clear with everything.

Always know what you want to do with your life. Your life is your thing, and everything is based on your decisions. You will work what you like, and you will offer the type of service you want to do. You don’t have to do what other designers do. You don’t have to follow the business model. Just because they have an awesome website or they have a known name, that doesn’t mean that they have a lot of profit. Always look what your clients want and see what the market has to offer.

What is the amount of money that you want to make?

You probably don’t need million of dollars. That is a normal thing. You will just like to live a normal life that will make your dream come true. It means that you will have to make a plan for your income and you will need to make a good strategy, so you don’t have many expenses. For example, if you want to work fewer hours for more money than you will need to organize better.

Always know your story and the story of your client.

First, you will need to have clients that fit in your type of story or business. Always tell your clients what your views on their decorating are and always give suggestions. It will help you to attract the type of clients you want.

Your website needs to be well-designed for your dream clients.

It is important to have a beautiful website that will attract clients that are right for you. You must know that type of clients you want because most of your business will depend on them. If your website is empty, then you will have no clients, and you will go out of business.

Time is important.

Always have enough time because time is money and always use your time wisely. It is one of the ways to boost your productivity.

You need to brand yourself.

Not the logo but you. You are the brand. Your company can have a logo, but people need to know you because they will connect you with the success of your company or if you are a one-man company then they will recognize you and you only. This step is very important; some say crucial for business development. It is very important if you want to succeed in this type of work.

Have a good marketing.

Good marketing is half of the job. If you have good marketing, then everything is much easier. It is vital to plan a few steps in the future to make your business going as planned.

Add a touch of lux to your bedroom in affordable ways

While the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom usually imposes practical thinking, the bedroom is the place where you can equally focus onto design and even reward yourself with a bit of luxury touch and creative unleashing. However, when thinking of luxury interior design, most people have grandiose style and a lot of money in mind. That makes an average man to give up these ideas and wishes. The truth is that giving a slight touch of lux to your bedroom can be quite affordable if you only apply these few useful tricks and tips.

Set a predominant style with a color scheme

Before applying any intervention, make a choice between two basic approaches. Would you rather have a neutral, elegant, classic and timeless design that appears to be noble or you’d like rich, impressively decorated bedroom that appears royal? If you choose the first option, go for one or two shades of some neutral color, preferable beige. If it’s the other approach, feel free to play with the colorful combination, but avoid cheap impression. An alternative to common painting might be some beautiful textured wallpaper.

Lighting makes all the difference

It’s incredible how big change of the overall interior design you may create by a simple modification of existing lighting. A dimmable version of lighting and lighting combination that will allow you to adjust the intensity from dim to bright are the best option for adding a touch of lux. With the dim lighting, you’ll create saloon atmosphere and sensual design, while bright light at the adequate places will intensify shining and texture of various items and details. Also, experimenting with lamps and candles often gives amazing results.

Focus on central item – a bed

Since the bed is the central item in your bedroom, the easiest way to create a sense of richness in the bedroom is to invest in an exquisite model of bed. However, before jumping into various extravagant choices, keep in mind that comfort should come first here in spite of everything. Choose form or soft mattress, depending on the personal preference while sleeping and explore a wide range of available models. If your chosen mattress is rather average, make the difference by opting for luxury sheets. You can truly play freely here, exploring colors, shapes, and materials. Powerful, dominant sheets will mark the bedroom’s style and impose the tone of grandiose. To add lux in details, throw few pillows on the bed that will make a design statement and adds finishing to the bed design.

Decorate edges

It is quite of a trick that makes a powerful impact. Whether it’s about walls, ceiling, cabinets or mirror edges, adding crown molding turns average and common into sophisticated and stylish. If the dominant color is neutral or pastel, you may even explore shining crown moldering. It won’t create a cheap and kitsch impression, but add a touch of magical into fairytales overall design. Finally, mirrors are always perfect design statement if used in adequate places, sizes, and shapes. Mirrors, also, add the impression of airy, spacious room and a touch of elegance.

Best interior design games ever

Even adults need some time off. And if you are a modern type of person then you will like these games that are related to your job as an interior designer, or it will give you a better insight into the business of an interior designer.

The Sims

This game is probably the best game that will give you practice, and it will give an insight into the interior business. You have all sorts of features, and it is practically a simulation of some sort. This one is so funny, and you can play it even if you are a teenager but even adults like this one because of realism and because it will give you a nicer interior design practice.


Home gamesThis one is fun and free. It is designed for IOS platform, and this one is also a simulation of interior design. The player assumes the role of an owner of a house or many houses and the mission is to decorate your rooms as you like. This one is very easy and very nice to play because it relaxes your mind and gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite hobby or to relax from a stressful job you had today as a designer perhaps. The game is full of colors, and it will make you relax and relieve the stress.

Crossing:New Leaf

This game is probably the cutest of them all. You assume the role of an interior designer whose task is to keep and design the house. It is also popular because it is set in the town full of animals which are very cute. The players are being scored by aesthetics for example if you did all your tasks in the right way. Your house needs to function properly and to have a nice good flow of positive energy.
Home sweet home

This one is similar to Sims, but it is concentrated on designing the interior exclusively. Its main focus is virtual life and home decor aspect. Your job in this game is to decorate the house in a way that the homeowner would like and to find the best way to please their demands. If you are and interior designer in real life, then maybe this will be a little bit too much for you. But if you like to have fun for example and to make a funny situation for practicing how to get out of this thing in real life, then give this game a shot. It will calm you dawn and put a smile on your face. This game is also a great tutorial if you ever wanted to be an interior designer. It will show you if you recognize yourself in this job or not.


Second life

This one is a virtual experience. And some will say it is ridiculous, but a true hardcore fan of interior design will love this one. You can completely design your home and redesign it as you wish. It is also a very realistic simulation because we all know that there are a lot of simulations that are not realistic as we would like them to be. This game is also a good choice if you want to chill and relax after a long day of work or if you are a designer that needs to let off some steam, this is a good choice.