The right choice of colors, furniture and details will make your apartment look stylish and tasteful. Are you planning to make your interior look modern, practical and would like to add elegance? With the following 8 great tips and a modest budget, you can do it.

 Three is a magic number

apartmentDecorate the room with some “wow” detail! Three modern art paintings from three parts are not the cheapest detail, but you can make them yourself. Find an art photo on the internet in three parts, print them in the largest size and buy the appropriate frames.

Big carpet

If you live in a small space and you need tips to open up the room visually, here’s what the designer advises: Neutral color palette, mirrors behind the sofa and huge rugged carpet will make your small room sizeable.

Less is more

Shelves with a little book or a vase seem to work decently and costly. Do not forget that these pieces are different in color and shape so as not to be monotonous. If you have an empty corner in the apartment, simply put your favorite chair and make a reading corner.

Determine the focal point with some details

If you still do not have some remarkable detail in your living room that every guest will notice, you must change it immediately. The designer proposes a large canvas above the sofa in the living room. You do not have to spend a large sum of money on this, but ask some artist friend or look at the nearby gallery; you will surely find something to your taste and budget. One such detail will refresh your room, and you do not have to worry about other details.

One wall in a darker shade

The cheapest way for a boring room for a day to be looked at a reputed French board is to accentuate a wall in a darker color or to rub it with jarring wallpaper. This unusual and pronounced wall will give the room warmth and a costly look.

Illuminated space

If you are one of the lucky ones who is home to the light, you are on the right path to a modern home. Bright rooms are synonymous with elegance and candor, but in order not to be bored, refresh them with interesting pillows.


If you follow our instructions and equip your home in a neutral palette, spice the room with unusual elements. If your bedroom is in white shades, make your head on the bed in a darker shade that will refresh and contrast all over the room.

Different styles

Arrange space in neutral colors, adding colors, textures, and details. Use a color scheme like a combination of white, gray and beige shades. But do not be afraid to mix different forms, such as two white chairs, one of which belongs to a modern design, and the other is stylish.