While the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom usually imposes practical thinking, the bedroom is the place where you can equally focus onto design and even reward yourself with a bit of luxury touch and creative unleashing. However, when thinking of luxury interior design, most people have grandiose style and a lot of money in mind. That makes an average man to give up these ideas and wishes. The truth is that giving a slight touch of lux to your bedroom can be quite affordable if you only apply these few useful tricks and tips.

Set a predominant style with a color scheme

Before applying any intervention, make a choice between two basic approaches. Would you rather have a neutral, elegant, classic and timeless design that appears to be noble or you’d like rich, impressively decorated bedroom that appears royal? If you choose the first option, go for one or two shades of some neutral color, preferable beige. If it’s the other approach, feel free to play with the colorful combination, but avoid cheap impression. An alternative to common painting might be some beautiful textured wallpaper.

Lighting makes all the difference

It’s incredible how big change of the overall interior design you may create by a simple modification of existing lighting. A dimmable version of lighting and lighting combination that will allow you to adjust the intensity from dim to bright are the best option for adding a touch of lux. With the dim lighting, you’ll create saloon atmosphere and sensual design, while bright light at the adequate places will intensify shining and texture of various items and details. Also, experimenting with lamps and candles often gives amazing results.

Focus on central item – a bed

Since the bed is the central item in your bedroom, the easiest way to create a sense of richness in the bedroom is to invest in an exquisite model of bed. However, before jumping into various extravagant choices, keep in mind that comfort should come first here in spite of everything. Choose form or soft mattress, depending on the personal preference while sleeping and explore a wide range of available models. If your chosen mattress is rather average, make the difference by opting for luxury sheets. You can truly play freely here, exploring colors, shapes, and materials. Powerful, dominant sheets will mark the bedroom’s style and impose the tone of grandiose. To add lux in details, throw few pillows on the bed that will make a design statement and adds finishing to the bed design.

Decorate edges

It is quite of a trick that makes a powerful impact. Whether it’s about walls, ceiling, cabinets or mirror edges, adding crown molding turns average and common into sophisticated and stylish. If the dominant color is neutral or pastel, you may even explore shining crown moldering. It won’t create a cheap and kitsch impression, but add a touch of magical into fairytales overall design. Finally, mirrors are always perfect design statement if used in adequate places, sizes, and shapes. Mirrors, also, add the impression of airy, spacious room and a touch of elegance.