Even adults need some time off. And if you are a modern type of person then you will like these games that are related to your job as an interior designer, or it will give you a better insight into the business of an interior designer.

The Sims

This game is probably the best game that will give you practice, and it will give an insight into the interior business. You have all sorts of features, and it is practically a simulation of some sort. This one is so funny, and you can play it even if you are a teenager but even adults like this one because of realism and because it will give you a nicer interior design practice.


Home gamesThis one is fun and free. It is designed for IOS platform, and this one is also a simulation of interior design. The player assumes the role of an owner of a house or many houses and the mission is to decorate your rooms as you like. This one is very easy and very nice to play because it relaxes your mind and gives you the opportunity to practice your favorite hobby or to relax from a stressful job you had today as a designer perhaps. The game is full of colors, and it will make you relax and relieve the stress.

Crossing:New Leaf

This game is probably the cutest of them all. You assume the role of an interior designer whose task is to keep and design the house. It is also popular because it is set in the town full of animals which are very cute. The players are being scored by aesthetics for example if you did all your tasks in the right way. Your house needs to function properly and to have a nice good flow of positive energy.
Home sweet home

This one is similar to Sims, but it is concentrated on designing the interior exclusively. Its main focus is virtual life and home decor aspect. Your job in this game is to decorate the house in a way that the homeowner would like and to find the best way to please their demands. If you are and interior designer in real life, then maybe this will be a little bit too much for you. But if you like to have fun for example and to make a funny situation for practicing how to get out of this thing in real life, then give this game a shot. It will calm you dawn and put a smile on your face. This game is also a great tutorial if you ever wanted to be an interior designer. It will show you if you recognize yourself in this job or not.


Second life

This one is a virtual experience. And some will say it is ridiculous, but a true hardcore fan of interior design will love this one. You can completely design your home and redesign it as you wish. It is also a very realistic simulation because we all know that there are a lot of simulations that are not realistic as we would like them to be. This game is also a good choice if you want to chill and relax after a long day of work or if you are a designer that needs to let off some steam, this is a good choice.