When given enough money and space to experiment, all of us could come up with amazing and functional design ideas for the interior of our home. But when faced with quite limited space, designing your premises is an exquisite challenge. These design ideas have to provide a high level of functionality, clever utilization of a given room and to keep the attractive style that fits into the general style of your home. Here are some rather useful advice and ideas you may try to apply for your residence and get the most you can out of your limited living space.

Bigger kitchen in few simple steps

The kitchen is one of the central places in the house, and it requires plenty of storage room. However, most small apartments have kitchen directly connected with a place for eating which makes this space quite crowded. Common clever designer’s solution suggests that you replace cupboards with wide floor – to – ceiling shelves. This should provide you with enough space for storing stuff, but still give the kitchen space to “breathe” and to look more open. If you install small wall divider, you’ll keep the connection, but still get kitchen separated from the actual place for dining.

Bigger bathroom in few simple steps

Another place in your home that could always use additional storage space, especially if the bathroom is small. Use similar trick with narrow floor-to-ceiling stylish shelves, but you can also use the space beneath vanity for various forms of canisters or wicker baskets. Experiment with flat lights and mirrors to add actual space and the impression of the bathroom being more spacious and airy.

Need another room in your home?

There is rather simple method to add separated space in your home without actually re-building walls. Purchase some elegant curtain and install it as a divider in the middle of one bigger room. If you purchase modern models of massive curtains, they can easily be moved to another place in the house. You can move your “additional room” from time to time according to the current needs and wishes.

Think of all unusual spaces

With just a little creative thinking and mental unleashing, you’ll figure out that your house, however small it is, hides dozens of corners that could be used in a functional and attractive manner. One of the commonly utilized spaces is the space beneath the stairs. You can add stylish shelves that will follow the line of the stairs, of build the drawers into the backside of the stairs or add lightbulbs on the same side and get a visual effect of the more spacious room.

Experiment with multipurpose furniture pieces

There is a wide range of modern and attractively designed pieces of multifunctional furniture at the market nowadays. Most people are not comfortable with these unconventional household items, but once you try it and see for yourself that these design solutions truly serve a purpose, you’ll allow yourself to experiment even more. A bed is functioning as an office desk during a day or a table transforming into a closet if needed. These things add magical possibilities into your home.