Every year we get a mix of new trend styles and some old ones that were popular several years down the line or even a decade or two. The trick to discovering which trend will best blend in with your personality is to figure out how you feel this year, as every trend that is on the list can actually fit anyone on the emotional spectrum. If you are uncertain of which of these styles might best serve your apartment or home just start with the minimal blends and move up from there.

Without further debate which of these interior design styles are best for you let’s get down to the actual styles.

1) Vibrant fake

interior designWhen it comes to strong colors, the interior design was dominated by natural colors for many years. This year it goes to the other spectrum and it becomes fully expressed with as many fake colors as possible. When we say fake, we don’t mean that these colors will make you feel fake, but what we mean is that most of these colors can’t be found in nature as often as some of the natural colors like grass green or sky blue. Most of the colors that can fall into the vibrant fake spectrum would be red, pink, strong blue, vibrant greens, dark purple, and orange in particular. There can be an amazing mix of these colors, and they all signal a change and a deeper calmer feel which just screams wisdom.

2) As much vintage as possible

Vintage has also been present in the past, but then it was not named vintage it was just the best trend at the time. However, today the vintage style is considered to be bold and daunting. Get as many vintage accessories as you can and make sure they all have a common theme. Get rugs, curtains, furniture, and table accessories that will represent what you love and enjoy. The design can be anything but don’t make it boring. Have as much communication between the accessories as possible.

3) The dark style

This has been a long coming trend and we are actually glad to see it take the stage in 2018. The dark style would signal the tamed yet aggressive tone of choosing dark colors for the walls and big pieces of furniture and vibrant and aggressive colors for the small pieces of furniture. For instance, you can paint your walls dark blue, dirty gray or dark green, and pick your big furniture in one of the other dark colors of your choosing while making all your small pieces of furniture be golden yellow, orange or pink.

4) Rusty nature

Nature at its best is an amazing look for both flats and a house. While this was always the trend for many gardens, it can now be applied in the interior design and it won’t be considered silly in 2018. This style starts off with wooden furniture pieces and walls and decorates it all with many vases filled with green flowers and leaves. The green goes perfectly with the natural brownish style of the wood. The style just resonates with calmness and a sense of deeper acceptance.