Hiring a professional designer for interior home design is something that many people think about, and very few of them do. The primary reason for this discrepancy is the price of the said service. And indeed, designers are expensive to hire, and their ideas might cost you a fortune due to materials they use.
Spending huge amount of money for interior decoration and remodeling isn’t something that many people are willing to do. Thankfully some blogs write about the subject, and they share some ideas that will let you redesign your home without the need to hire professionals. We are one of those blogs, and we will share professional advice that will turn your house into something different and beautiful.

Basics of the interior home decoration – Color

The first thing that every professional designer will do is to check all of the rooms and decide on which color schemes could work. This is the first tip in this article as well. White walls radiate beautifully, but the feel can be ruined with other household elements.

The combination of colors is what makes a room beautiful, and the number of possible variations is endless. The important thing is to have one dominant color, and that should be the color of the wall. The safe bet is to go with white walls because the color in question is universal and you can’t make a mistake with it.
You should never combine more than three colors except if you are going for a kitsch 60s look. In that case, the number of different colors should be over five, and all of them should be different variants of red, orange and other similar colors.
One of the classic interior design ideas is to go with three colors where white takes up to 60 percent and black and gray split the rest. The cache is to use those two dark colors all over the house to avoid creation dark and “negative” areas in the room.

Living room design – Art as decoration

The living room is an area where you receive guests, and it should be a place that reveals your hobbies and interests. It should also contain items that are excellent conversational pieces, and thus art is perfect for that. The value of the said pieces doesn’t have to be high, but you should have some info about each one of them.

The addition of art, especially pictures can be used to cover large areas of wall that might create a mundane empty feel without anything that can break the endless white look. The amount of the said art shouldn’t be huge because that can make the room look small even though it isn’t.

Take the interior home design in your hands

Two tips found in this article are just a small part of interior design tips and tricks that you will get to read on this blog. Read other articles to find more interesting ideas for interior design of your home.