It is not just about the aesthetic appeal when it comes to lighting equipment, creating the mood and ambiance is the priceless effect it is providing. Besides the style added to our décor, it puts all pleasures of comfort and safe feeling on the much higher level. For sure functional role is one of the first things with lighting but giving that last cherry on top makes the visual picture of your ambient perfect.

All the elements regarding interior design such as furniture, room size, colors and patterns with proper placement and type of lighting achieve a fascinating combination of style and functionality. The architecture of interior design just can’t be experienced the fullest without proper lighting. From the flooring, fittings, textures, and finishes it just enhances everything in the room with giving it to all a great sense. Light fittings and lamps should be a compliment to your décor giving that special lifestyle touch of your space. For sure it presents a balance between functionality, comfort, and style making your home a beautiful showcase. There are several ways of lighting effects.

Lighting and space

Lighting has a great power to make space look bigger or smaller. Natural lighting is preferred above man lightning because it bounces off reflective surfaces adding a visual space of a room with better color showing. For this, there are always big windows and skylights for more natural effect with really sheer curtains allowing light to work in a best possible way. This is especially advised for darker rooms. If not in the possibility for more natural light there are always corner lamps and centrally hanging lights which help brighten a room to its maximum helping create that visually larger space everybody wants.

Lighting color effect

As said illusion of the space is created by light reflected off of the wall surfaces. It depends on the type of the lighting what will be the effect on the colors. For example, directional light such as track light will soften the wall colors. Or for illuminating the floors, there is always recessed can lighting. Lights hanging from the center of the room will provide ambient illumination. Most important good lighting will enhance colors with design, and when selecting colors, you should pay attention if possible to test colors using different lighting types before selecting colors in the design phase. Colors and light should not compete, they have to be complimentary.


It needs to serve a purpose, or you will just simply waste energy. When considering the style of the lighting you have to include the fact you need to get a best directional or luminescent type for the space setting. Especially if work areas are in option, here functionality must be important more than any other light effect.


Feeling you get while in the room should be based on room purpose which is achieved by interior design. The much calmer mood is provided when light softly glows onto your face beside you and your friends. So the solution is not to put all the lights on the ceiling of the room because there is a wide range of strategic light that will give your room a relaxing, cozy living space.