If you live in a small apartment – be it by necessity or choice – we’ll make sure you’re using the space to its full extent while living comfortably. Because small spaces are neglected in the high rolling lifestyle, it’s easy to oversee the benefits of living in a small home. Following these simple tips will make you realize that size doesn’t mean everything.

It’s convenient to have everything at arm’s reach

Let’s be honest here. The set of clicks that got you this far mean that you’re looking for ways to enhance your living space. If your windows have a smaller frame, choose a light and neutral color palette for the walls. Try taking advantage of natural light, because this will open your space significantly.


Choosing furniture that is slightly lifted due to the nature of raised legs will make it appear as if the room is lighter and more spacious. Also, make an effort to match your drapes with your walls, because blending in will make it seem like one textured surface, which in turn gives the impression of a larger room.  Even thought you have drapes, leave the windows uncovered to bring in light and give a sense of depth. Getting rugs and fabrics with small print can even make a doll house look large.


One of the dirtiest, yet most effective tricks of interior design is to add lots of mirrors to a small space, to make it look exponentially bigger! Using this alone can make a lot of difference, but avoid it if you’re prone to getting scared by your own shadow. Another clever trick is to use plain colors, because unification will visually expand any small area. By painting your ceiling with a bright and popping color, it will create a focal point that will give an impression of a higher ceiling.

Added functionality of your small home

decor-interior-design-ideas-for-small-apartment-with-interior-design-for-small-apartments-tips-and-tricks-how-to-design-4For added functionality of your small home, try buying yourself multifunctional furniture. Something that can be both a table and a seating area can be immensely useful. Also, sleeping areas that can be wheeled, folded and retracted can be a major space saver. Contrary to popular belief, bigger furniture in smaller spaces can leave an impression of a bigger, wider room. To make a room look longer, install built-in desks and bookshelves that will take up the entire room’s length.

By following everything written above, your friends and colleagues will envy you for having such a cozy, yet seemingly spacious apartment. You’ll achieve a warm, yet larger look of your beloved home.