If you ever thought that an ancient furniture arrangement is too strange for your, think again! Most of these guidelines are completely fine with your lifestyle. Following these Feng Shui tips and tricks will make you, and your room, feel happy and calm.

First things first, you’re going to want to know what Feng Shui is. Well it’s a practice that’s following the idea that the mirror of our soul is our home. Its purpose is to align your furniture in a way that will represent who you are and what your goal is. It’s crucial to align yours and your home’s energy!

You do that by carefully picking what you do and do not bring into your home. Be wary of your maintenance and room arrangement. Believe it or not, this ancient technique claims that even your furniture has energy. Feng Shui will help that energy flow naturally through your home, and guide it accordingly.

Follow these rules to align the energies of your living room:

Your sofa should be aligned against a wall – preferably as far away from the entry as possible – with a view of the front door. Try not to overdo it, leave some space between the wall and the sofa. If you can’t put a solid wall behind the sofa, put some tall lamps or shrubbery behind it so you can feel more comfortable. Its advised that you add a mirror behind you for added security. You need to know your back is protected.


There’s no particular formula for the seating arrangement. You should look out that your furniture is close together, but not clumped. Make sure each seating area has a resting surface for your drinks, books and electronics. If you place your seating furniture too far apart, it’ll become very awkward to hold a conversation without yelling at each other. Closeness equals warm and welcoming!

Light up every space

As for coffee tables, try avoiding edgy models. You don’t want anyone getting stabbed in the shin by that modern-looking edgy table. Always have in mind the natural flow of movement in a living area. Clear pathways are a godsend. Don’t stick to one shape. The more the merrier! Each shape has a different meaning. Like so, squares represent earth, oval represents metal, rectangles are for wood, and triangles represent fire. A balanced room is one that includes all of these shapes.

3-merry-christmas-living-roomWhen it comes to windows, try covering large windows with drapes, so that your room energy doesn’t fly right out of the window. Or, if you like sunlight, put something in front of the window, like a sculpture or a plant, to ricochet the energy back into the room. Light up the dark corners, so that you activate energy.

Have enough light sources to light up every space in your living room! If something is in the dark, according to Feng Shui, it’s neglected and abandoned. Also, colors have a meaning as well. While blue and purple are energizing, red is quite invigorating. You’ll be fine as long as you remember that every item has its meaning, so surround yourself with beautiful things that you care for.