The saying “There’s no place like home” didn’t pop out no-where. If you ever slept over as a guest, chances are you slept in the guest room. Whether or not you were intrigued by the room strongly depends house-owner took any of these steps towards decorating the guest room.

Make the room feel as relaxed as their stay

It’s highly advised to paint the walls with a calm and soothing color. Something neutral like white, cream or beige is a good choice that’ll ease the mind of your guest. Try avoiding warm and vibrant colors like red or terracotta because of the energizing effects it might have on your guests. It’s essential for your guests to feel serene while visiting your home.


Being in someone’s home, most people will do everything to avoid ruining the host’s property. Even small things like leaving water rings may be stressful. By using a glass top on the night stand. This can be easily avoided, with the added benefit of implementing glass into the room.

Ready in the morning with ease of mind

By adding a mirror in your guest room, you’ll see to it that your guest can get ready in the morning with ease of mind. Mirrors are also a great way to reflect the light in the room. Because the guest room is a place your guest will sleep in. It’s advised to set the tone of the room as you would your own bedroom. This means the lighting situation should rely on nightlights and lamps instead of centered ceiling lighting.


Functionality goes without saying, so make sure to have a dresser in the room. This is a great place to store extra sheets in. Different people have different temperature preferences, so it’s important to stock up on extra blankets in case your guest gets cold. The same can be said for pillows, because different people have different headrest adjustments. Keeping the extra pillows lying on the bed can have multiple functionality advantages that will increase the quality of your guests stay. A well rested guest is a happy guest.

Hope this helped you get insight on the thought process behind a successful stay as a guest. Always have in mind the way you’d like to be greeted in someone’s home.