If you’re looking to make a statement with an explosive burst of colors, you came to the right place. Whether it’s a sophisticated and elegant mural in your dining room, or an edgy and energetic mural in the kid’s room, rest assured that murals bring new life to any wall and room. Murals can range from a tiled mosaic to an art piece painted on a wall.

This, somewhat unusual, trend originates from the European medieval era, and it’s been spreading throughout colonialism since!

Decorate your living room

When decorating your living room, have several factors in mind. These factors include the aesthetics and purpose of the space, whether you’re going to use it during the day or night, how often you’re going to have guests over and what type of entertainment you’ll provide. You’ll also need to consider the dimensions of the room and if it needs a focal point for the eyes. Make sure you’re creating a refreshing, vibrant and exhilarating space, or even a warm, welcoming and tranquil space, if that fits for your lifestyle. Murals excel at opening up living spaces. You can paint a natural scenery mural to widen a tall, but narrow room, giving it the illusion of an open field or forest.


Most home owners that opt for a mural choose to show off traditional art and culture of their heritage. Ethnic murals take up a special place for interior design. If not culture, these murals can also paint a picture of war. These war wall décor murals are the most frequent in India. It actually originates from India, dating back to the tribal people, painting hut walls with historic events.

muralIf paint isn’t your style, you can opt for a tiled mural design. Tiled murals are usually made out of stone, porcelain, glass, ceramic, or even metal. They’re either added on the surface or the wall, or installed from within the wall! These murals aren’t necessarily placed on the wall. They can be inlaid into the floor. These tiles are either glazed, painted or cit into broken pieces. Tile murals are almost always made out of these tiles.

Whatever your chosen room and material may be, one thing is for sure – you’re going to need someone to paint and or install it! Be careful when choosing an artist or contractor, because mistakes need to be brought down to the minimum, due to the high price of the long lasting mural paint or tiles. You’re going to want to be certain of a design, because that sucker is here to stay for generations to come, unless of course you don’t mind flushing a fortune down a toiled by painting it over.

If you have some artistic tendencies or you’re just feeling lucky, try painting one yourself. Start off small by painting smaller surfaces like a dog house or a backyard walkway. Remember to always sketch out your design first, because you don’t want to run out of drawing space (you’d be surprised how walls can seem larger than they are).

The same goes for the opposite, having the problem of your mural being a tiny speck on