When have you heard someone saying that renovations are going smoothly? Let’s be honest, chances are once, twice or never! Is that contractor you hired is as good as his portfolio? Is your budget high enough? Will that sofa from the catalogue blend in with your living room space? All these questions might seem overwhelming when trying to start a project as big as this one. But fear not, the following tips and tricks are here to ensure your remodeling project will go as smooth as possible.

Think twice, build once when remodeling you living room!

The first thing you’re going to need is a plan! Every good project is laid on a solid foundation of lots of information, forethought and knowledge. This foundation is more so important if you’re planning on making big structural changes, or you’re working with a hefty budget backed by professionals. Take a deep breath and take it slowly. Chances are, you’re less likely to have regrets if you made your decisions with a clear and calm mind. Just as Allen Lakein said “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So take your time and plan carefully, because your home is the reflection of your soul, and you don’t want your soul to be a messy, unfinished project.


Think long-term, because you’re remodeling for multiple stages of your life. As a mental exercise, try envisioning a family gathering.  Do you need one large seating area or several different seating groups of furniture? Are you getting the most use out of the space? If you’re living the bachelor lifestyle, see if you’re going to use your living room space for parties. If you have kids, or you’re planning on having them, have in mind how kids will make use of the space. The same applies for pet owners and pets using the space in its full potential. Ask your acquaintances, who live that lifestyle, what works for them and what’s practical in a daily real life situation. Are there any safety issues with that edgy modern furniture? Is your furniture tornado or earthquake proof (depending on the area)? Last thing you need is a safety hazard in your home.


When you get to know what’s right for you and what works for your lifestyle, get to researching. Scavenge forums, blogs, and videos for a living room perfect for you. Oftentimes professionals will state their opinion as a response to those posts. If your scavenging expedition isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be, hire an interior designer and be prepared to know exactly what you want, because time is money. Lastly, get feedback from your friends and family. You don’t want to be a puppet in the interior designer’s vision for a gothic-themed living room!

Try being creative and try to match the colors and shapes of your living room with your personality. You’d be surprised how warm or cold colors can affect your mood. It’s called a living room for a reason.

Having in mind everything written above, you should be ready for your living room remodeling project.