Back in the middle ages, wood design was heavily influenced by the region, because importing and exporting wood for aesthetics was unheard of. Today, the situation is a lot different, and we’re lucky to be able to choose from a, truly wide, variety of wood. Be hasty and make use of this privilege by using wooden materials.

With so much wood type to choose from, it can be a real task to pick the type that suits your furniture. By matching different types of woods with different styles, we’ll make work of that rich, red mahogany or that pale pine softwood.

Mix and match, just mix and match!

The first step to picking your wood is to match its color with the space. You can add drama to a room by adding dark wood with subtle red undertones. Darker wood will make your décor stand out, making it a strong focal point. On the flip side, lighter wood like pine, birch or maple will brighten up the room and make it feel larger than it truly is.

wooden design

Find a color palette for your space and try matching the wood color accordingly. Try avoiding matching light and dark wood, because it will give off a general feeling of chaos. If you’re truly persistent about it, pick wood colors that complement each other. When opting for a larger palette, be smart about it and pick softer tones of wood to avoid a messy look.

As a general rule of thumb, match larger pieces of furniture with the same wood tone. Mix and match your furniture wood tone to contrast the floor. This, in effect, can keep focus on the furniture and give a sense of safety to the floor.

Don’t worry if your room is lacking wooden surfaces. Just make sure to keep your room balanced by keeping a good mix of tones throughout the space. Keep contrasting colors as far away from each other as possible. You don’t want it all clumped up in one place, making the room fall out of balance. It’s common practice to use subtle décor pieces to soften the impact of dark wood in a light room. You can use such pieces to tie in a mixture of wooden finishes. Just choose an accent color and tie in the bold wooden finishes with objects such as vases or lamps of said accent color.

Different wood finishes will reflect upon different styles, of course. Sometimes, leaving wood paneling unfinished can create a rustic cabin or coastal beach feeling. Oftentimes designers will place different types of wood on wall to give an effect of depth and excitement. They achieve a modern look by contrasting the wood tones and the non-wood materials, like metal and glass. If you thought wooden look means rustic, sorry to say but, you were wrong.

Whatever the look you’re going for is, you can’t go wrong with bringing nature and life into your home by adding wooden surfaces. Make use of the warming feeling a room can give when wood is scattered throughout the space.