How we behave and work is heavily influenced by the workspace we occupy. It plays a major role in our creative performance and psychological well-being. Because we may spend years working by the same desk in same room, it’s only logical to optimize and organize that space as much as humanly possible. In workspace organization even making the decision of organizing your workspace is a giant step towards a healthy and productive lifestyle.


When designing your own workspace favor rounded and curved furniture over straight-edged and sharp. This kind of environment is linked with positive emotion, which in turn leads to productivity and creativity. This, also, allows you to move freely around the office, achieving maximum efficiency.

One of the simplest ways to boost up creativity is choosing the correct lighting scheme and color for your office. It is ideal to install a lighting system that has changeable brightness and hues, because different light levels and colors have different psychological effects on our minds. Matching light with the type of work really helps with focusing on a given task. Exposing your eyes to green and blue hues has an effect of boosting your work performance. Exposure to red boosts performance on tasks that require focus and attention to detail. High light levels are linked with evaluative thinking, while dimmer environments boost your creativity because it encourages freedom. It is also said that purple is closely tied with procrastination.


Another factor that plays a role in workplace efficiency is the ceiling height. High ceilings generate a feeling of freedom and abstract thinking. This, of course, is something not as easily influenced as other interior design elements. Speaking of preset design elements, the view plays a big role too. A gaze into nature can fill your brain with creative juices, but that’s not a luxury everyone can afford. Don’t worry, if you can’t get a majestic view, pick an office that has the shortest stroll to the park.

It’s a good idea to decorate your workspace with some green life. Add some green to the office with small plants and shrubbery. It is said that plants have a subliminal effect of reducing stress levels (let’s be honest, the workplace isn’t always the most stress-free place in the world).

Childish and messy look for creative thinking

productivityIf you ever saw a major IT company’s workspace online, you can probably recall a playful theme throughout the interior design of the space. Bookcases, shelves and tables scatter around, achieving a messy look, seemingly on purpose. That’s because it is on purpose. A playful setting can wake up our inner child and force us to come up with solution by thinking outside of the box. These designs tend to be colorful with the material of choice oftentimes being plastic. This is because plastic can bend, simulating a mind that bends to complete a difficult task or puzzle.

Based on these facts, it’s pretty obvious that our work productivity is deeply tied in with our surroundings. So encourage yourself to think outside the box and enjoy a truly stress free work environment.