Renovation or remodeling of your bathroom is something you’ll have to do every once in a while, and the unfortunate fact is that it usually means quite of an impact to your budget. Essential items in the bathroom are expensive and the mere process of remodeling difficult, challenging and time-consuming. To save some money, to conduct the process in the most practical manner, but to still face quality results at the end of the journey, study some of these advice and tips for budget-friendly bathroom remodeling.

Make thoroughly worked out plan

The best way to avoid unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises is to go through the details of the well-planned process. Bathroom remodeling will bring on many aspects that haven’t crossed your mind at first, so you should probably construct this plan with an expert. However, hiring interior designer sounds costly, it will pay off in the long run and prevent you from making serious financial omissions.

Avoid massive relocations

bathroomYou cannot think about remodeling or re-designing your bathroom without having installations on your mind all the time. Consider the fact that plumbing and piping influence the mere design and schedule of the items a big time, plus relocation of essential installations will skyrocket the total price of renovation. If you’re not facing any dramatic plumbing issues, you’d better leave the plumbing as it is.

Upgrade toilet, don’t replace it

Another quite expensive task is to replace the whole toilet unit completely. If you can afford it, go for it. But if you’re trying to save some money, think of simple upgrading. Replace lid or seat and repaint it, it will cost a lot less but still look like new one.

Think of alternatives to common design features

There are some aspects of bathroom design people see as a “must have” in the bathroom, though there are alternative approaches. Your bathroom doesn’t have to have tiles all over the walls. Opt for less expensive linings, such as wood panels or bead board. Also, you can skip more expensive massive pieces of furniture by opting for floor-to-ceiling open shelves. It will provide you with enough storage room, but free some space and hit less heavy to your budget.

Replace details, instead of the whole units

If you’re only looking for a brand-new outfit of your bathroom, don’t make fundamental changes. Replace faucets, lighting, curtains, sinks and other smaller features. It has the potential to give a whole new look and style to your bathroom, but you won’t risk bankruptcy due to fundamental renovation changes. Also, wander a bit through the market offers and search for second-hand features. Test them, make sure they are functional and feel free to purchase items this way instead of going for the brand-new ones.

Decorative details

Adding decorative details, such as additional mirrors, creative light bulbs, curtains, carpets and similar will refresh your bathroom essentially, and these items can truly be purchased for small amounts of money. The big change with small investing is exactly what you should look for.