If you work from home or need a true functional office to take some share of work home or you simply want to have an inspiring separated place in your residency where you can focus on business, but keep the conformity of your private home, you’ll have to design a home office that will meet these standards. Since that room will sit in the middle of your pleasant private atmosphere, it has to have the power to motivate you to work and stay disciplined, but also to provide you cozy feeling and conformity. Here are some useful tips on how to design it and mix attractive style, commodity, and functionality.

Choose clever location

First, consider the traffic in your home and the available space. You’ll need a place where you will have enough room to feel comfortable working for hours, but also a place slightly isolated from the noise of common everyday life to keep you away from distractions. The optimal place for your home office should be considered carefully especially if you’ll be seeing business partners and clients here.

Adjust office design according to the home design

home designBefore you go purchasing office furniture, consider two aspects. First, analyze thoroughly your workflow and the necessities around you. Think of desks, shelves, drawers, cabinets you are going to need and make a list of required items. Keep functionality as a priority. Further, consider the overall style of interior design in your home. You should purchase functional and attractive furniture pieces that certainly will serve its purpose and facilitate your working methods, but will also fit into the style of all other premises in the house. Don’t bring a sterile, just – business style in the middle of warm, friendly family interior.

Essential elements of cozy office

Chair, light, and accessories. It is what makes all the difference, and these aspects truly demand dedication and quality solutions. Having comfortable and spacious chair is something worth investing money into. You’ll spend hours working here, don’t force your body to suffer. Also, provide your office with enough natural light. It will keep you relaxed, fresh and won’t exhaust your sight. However, if you prefer working late, scatter sufficient light around the office using various intensity, from dim lamps for pauses to clear, intensive, bright lightbulbs. Equip your office with all the accessories you need to work smoothly. This aspect gives you plenty room to experiment with attractive design. Pick the interior style you prefer and purchase pencil holders, bulletin boards, waste baskets and other items that will make a true design statement reflecting your style and business approach.

home design office

Stay serious when painting your office

The home office is going to be your half-private, half-official place, but don’t push too far with extravagancy when painting walls and setting basic office style. This should still be a working place that motivates you to mature, responsible and disciplined approach. Make it comfortable, but avoid the impression of relaxing room or room for having fun. It will have the wrong effect to your motivation and leave the wrong impression to your visiting clients.